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The Parkes 2700 MHz Survey (Tenth Part). Supplementary Catalogue for the Declination Zone +4° to +25°

AJ Shimmins, JG Bolton and JV Wall

Australian Journal of Physics 28(2) 239 - 240
Published: 1975


A catalogue of lSI radio sources is presented covering the declination zone +4° to +25° and all right ascensions, omitting two regions within approximately 10° of the galactic plane (R.A. 05h30'" to 07ho()m and R.A. lShOO'" to 2Oh30"'). The catalogue was compiled from a 'fast' finding survey at 2700 MHz aimed at detecting sources stronger than o· 5 Jy. Subsequently, measurements of accurate flux density and position were made on all the sources which were not in the Parkes 40S MHz catalogue and on a few sources in the 40S MHz catalogue for which only data of low accuracy were available. The' positions of sources were determined to an accuracy of 10" arc r.m.s. in both coordinates. Flux densities for most of the sources were also measured at 5009 MHz. Identifications are suggested for 17 galaxies and 62 quasi-stellar objects.

© CSIRO 1975

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