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Australian Journal of Physics Astrophysical Supplement

JV Wall, Alan E Wright and JG Bolton

Australian Journal of Physics 29(2) 123 - 138
Published: 1976


A catalogue of 819 radio sources is presented from a 2700 MHz survey of 0'79 sr about the south galactic pole. The catalogue is essentially complete for sources with S2700 ~ 0·22 Jy, corresponding to a source density of 850 sources per steradian. Flux densities were measured for many of the sources at 5009 MHz, including most of the sources with S2700 ~ 0·35 Jy. The accuracy in both the 2700 and 5009 MHz flux densities is O' 02 Jy or 3 %, whichever is the greater. Rootmean- square position errors are ION arc for sources stronger than 0·7 Jy, increasing to 25" for the weakest sources in the catalogue. The catalogue includes the results of a search of the Palomar Sky Survey prints for identification data.

© CSIRO 1976

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