Science in Society: Children

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Cover featuring an illustration of a cross-section of soil showing plant r

Exploring Soils

Samantha Grover, Camille Heisler
Hardback - June 2017 - AU $24.95
Cover featuring five images of science activities on a white background, w

Hands-On Science

Sarah Kellett, David Shaw, Kath Kovac
Paperback - September 2016 - AU $24.95
Cover image of illustrated birds flying over a tropical island


Jeannie Baker
Hardback - June 2016 - AU $27.99
Cover image featuring an illustrated Phasmid on dark foliage with an islan


Rohan Cleave, Coral Tulloch
Hardback - September 2015 - AU $24.95
Cover image is an illustration of an emu with its chick in a red setting w

My Lost Mob

Venetia Tyson
Paperback - February 2015 - AU $12.95
cover of Dexter


Jesse Blackadder
Paperback - January 2015 - AU $14.99
cover of Funny Homes

Funny Homes

Mark Norman
Paperback - October 2014 - AU $16.95
cover of Big Red Kangaroo

Big Red Kangaroo

Claire Saxby, Graham Byrne
Hardback - August 2013 - AU $27.95
cover of One Small Island

One Small Island

Alison Lester , Coral Tulloch
Hardback - August 2011 - AU $29.99
cover of Bilby Secrets

Bilby Secrets

Edel Wignell, Mark Jackson
Hardback - July 2011 - AU $29.95
cover of Polar Eyes

Polar Eyes

Tanya Patrick, Nicholas Hutcheson
Hardback - April 2010 - AU $24.95