Rare or Threatened Australian Plants

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Now commonly referred to by its acronym, the current ROTAP list has expanded from 3329 taxa in 1988 to now include 5031 taxa.

The Rare or Threatened Australian Plants (ROTAP) list and associated coding system was developed and has been maintained by CSIRO since 1979, and lists taxa that are Presumed Extinct, Endangered, Vulnerable, Rare or Poorly Known at the national level. This edition provides the most up-to-date list for conservation purposes. + Full description

A significant number of endangered and Vulnerable taxa are included, which have not yet been considered for inclusion on either the Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council list or the Commonwealth's Schedule 1. This is the first ROTAP publication to include subspecies and varieties, and the list now includes 5031 taxa. There have also been at least 3270 amendments to data for listed taxa. A total of 2012 additional records of regional data for tax already listed has been included.

A key factor in the development of public opinion, and the design of effective management schemes, lies in the production of accurate data to tell the story. What is threatened? Where is it found? These are two of the most fundamental questions to answer before any strategic plans can be drawn up. Obtaining such apparently simple statistics is a huge task. Rare or Threatened Australian Plants is therefore an important reference for the national status of threatened species, particularly for Rare and Poorly Known species.

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No longer available in a print edition.


"The book is intended to be a significant reference on this topic and I believe it fulfils that objective completely. . . This fourth edition includes substantial additions and is well worth the modest investment."
Ray Froend, Pacific Conservation Biology Vol. 3(4)

"Australia can be proud to point to books such as this, accurately locating target species, and able to identify the fact that of the 5000+ species listed, over half (53%) are already protected to varying degrees in national parks or proclaimed reserves... A new ROTAP is a cause of celebration."


ePDF | January 1996
ISBN: 9780643105270
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Foreword
  • Tables and Figures
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: Current status of the ROTAP list at the national level.
  • Significant changes to content and format of the 1995 ROTAP list
  • Format of list and definition of conservation codes
  • Supplementary notes on the coding system
  • Examples of taxa in each conservation category
  • Australian Rare or Threatened plants list - Alphabetically by family, then species
  • Nationally Rare or Threatened plants lists by State and Territory - Alphabetically by species
  • Island Territory lists of nationally Threatened plants
  • Statistics and Conclusions
  • Regional distribution
  • Colour plates
  • Australian situation in a world context
  • List of contributors
  • References and further reading
  • Appendix