Pruning and Training Systems for Modern Olive Growing

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Summarises the most up-to-date information available on current pruning techniques and training systems.

Olive growing is expanding rapidly in many countries around the world in which olives have not previously been widely cultivated. Pruning olive trees is quite different from pruning other fruit trees of the temperate zone, because of their biological peculiarities. Errors in pruning may result in yield losses or higher cultivation costs. Pruning also determines the training system which, in turn, is one of the major factors for successful tree performance and orchard profitability. + Full description

Pruning and Training Systems for Modern Olive Growing summarises the information available on current pruning techniques and training systems. It specifically addresses the problems faced by growers, professionals and students who are new to olive growing and provides information previously not available in English.

The fundamental aim of this book is to explain the basic concepts at a practical level. It will allow the reader, whether experienced horticulturalist or beginner, to develop his or her own skills and pruning strategy.

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"Olive Growing is a book that will help professional olericulturalists, large-scale growers, and family farmers protect the investment being made in this economically important crop around the world."
Gigi Berardi (Biological Agricultural and Horticulture v.18, 2001)

“ “Pruning and Training Systems for Modern Olive Growing” is a joy to read … to have a book based on research and some solid underlying physiological principles is a great leap forward.”
C. Jill Stanley, The Horticulture and Food Research Institute of New Zealand (New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science v.29, 2001)


Paperback | January 2000 | $ 69.95
ISBN: 9780643064430 | 156 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Introduction
  • Basic principles for pruning woody crops
  • Physiological background for pruning olive trees
  • Pruning olive trees
  • Pruning young trees
  • Pruning mature trees
  • Criteria for selecting the training system
  • Description of modern training systems
  • Comparisons of training systems
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Index