Plant Cell Vacuoles

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Paperback - March 2000 - AU $120.00

A comprehensive introductory work on plant cell vacuoles.

This book is the only comprehensive work, at introductory level, on plant cell vacuoles. + Full description

Vacuoles are ubiquitous, multifaceted and indispensable organelles and yet they have been thinly treated in the literature to date. This is at odds with the amount of interest in vacuoles that has been expressed in the last two decades. This comprehensive work provides a solid foundation on vacuoles to an advanced level. The latest research findings have been included in all aspects of plant and yeast vacuoles.

The book synthesizes all the available information on the plant cell vacuole. It includes methodologies, occurrence and diversity, structure and biochemistry of tonoplasts and molecular biology of biogenesis and diverse functions, all presented in a concise way.

The tremendous surge in the genetic engineering of plants for commercial products requires a comprehension of the functions and possibilities of vacuole manipulation since most of the targets of improvement directly involve vacuoles. Thus the work will be valuable to students of plant sciences, plant breeding, cell biology and plant biotechnology, as well as advanced researchers who seek a better understanding of this vital organelle.

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"Deepesh N. De's book is a comprehensive - indeed, encyclopedic - tour through the past quarter century of literature on plant vacuoles. . . The attraction of De's book lies in his success at combining the earlier information on vacuoles with what we have learned in recent years, which provides a useful reference tool for a diverse group of plant biologists. . . The book will be of use to the increasing number of plant scientists who are finding, often to their surprise, that regardless of their initial research questions, the proteins that interest them are somehow connected to the cell's secretory system. . . The book is so rich in details that it is difficult to discern the research questions that are currently shaping the field. Nonetheless, plant scientists searching for specific information about plant vacuoles will find De's compilation very useful."
Natasha V. Raikhel, MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory, Michigan State University, USA (Science v.288, 23 June 2000)

“ … An impressive and expansive review of plant vacuoles covering historic papers through current literature, it documents their occurrence and diversity, the structure and biochemistry of their surrounding membrane, and their biogenesis and development . . . Ideal for upper-division undergraduates through graduate students of cell biology and plant sciences.”
Choice, Oct 2000

“Deepesh De has succeeded in bringing the scientific spotlight on the vacuole; his book has an easy, readable style with a good layout and high quality figures.”
Tony Miller (Annals of Botany, November 2000)

“This is a useful introductory text for advanced students and researchers and a rich source of references on all aspects of vacuolar biology.”
J. L. Hall (Journal of Experimental Botany, Dec 2000)

“The book is well-structured and well presented and might be used by graduate students and academic teachers. The book is an ideal introduction into the plant cell vacuoles and readers will enjoy the author’s style of presentation.”
Gabriella Dosa (Journal of Plant Physiology, 157. 2000)

“Anyone interested in plant biology will use Plant Cell Vacuoles by Deepesh N. De as an open access to the field and find in it information for its own sake.”
Francis Marty, Universite de Bourgogne (Plant Science v.160 no.4 March 2001)

“The entire book has been written with great authority and clarity. … The language is very good and it is readable even by a non-specialist. The book will be quite useful both to beginners in plant cell biology and to the advanced researcher.”
KV Krishnamurthy, Department of Plant Science, Bharathidasan University, India (Phytomorphology v.51 no.1 2001)


Paperback | March 2000 | $120.00
ISBN: 9780643062542 | 288 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing


  • Early studies
  • Methodologies
  • Occurrence and distribution of vacuoles
  • Ultrastructure and chemical composition of tonoplast
  • Vacuolar contents
  • Biogenesis and development of vacuoles
  • Functions of vacuoles
  • Retrospect and prospect