Flora of Australia Volume 58A

The cover image of Flora of Australia Volume 58A, featuring a log with lic

Deals with the lichens in the world renowned Flora of Australia series. It offers complete or partial accounts of seven orders including nine families, 24 genera and 256 species as well as infra-specific taxa.

Volume 58A of the Flora of Australia series is the third volume dealing with the lichens. It includes descriptions of some of the more robust and luxuriant lichens of cool-temperate south-eastern Australia (Lobariaceae and Sphaerophoraceae), as well as ecologically important soil-inhabiting groups in semi-arid and arid regions (Peltulaceae, Endocarpon and Placidium). Also in this volume are the first Flora of Australia treatments of crustose lichens and the Trichotheliaceae, a family that is most diverse on the bark and leaves of trees and shrubs in tropical rainforest.

Complete or partial accounts of seven orders are provided, including nine families, 24 genera and 256 species and infra-specific taxa. Descriptions and discussion are supplemented by important references, synonomy, and information on type collections, chemistry, distribution, habitat and published illustrations.


"If you had always wanted to know everything about the lichens of Australia, about the luxuriant species of cool-termperate southeastern Australia as well as the inhabiting groups of the (semi)arid regions, this is your chance."
PERSOONIA vol. 18, part 2, 2003

"The volume is nicely produced and is illustrated with 56 excellent color plates, many b/w photographs and line drawings, and a full-color drawing of Porina exocha by W.M. Malcolm . . . this volume on the Australian lichen flora will be useful for its clear descriptions of genera and species, particularly where species are shared with North America. . ."
Systematic Botany v.28 no.3 2003

". . . an essential aid to identification of Australian lichens."
Sharon Morley (Victorian Naturalist v.120(5) 2003)

". . . beautifully and painstakingly executed, with full bibliographic citations, details of types, illustrations, full descriptions, data on chemistry, habitat, information and distribution maps."
MYCOTAXON Vol. 83 July - Sep 2002

“This volume is also a must for lichenologists (both professional and amateurs) working outside of Australia …”
B. Aguirre-Hudson, Bibliography of Systematic Mycology 11(3) April 2002


  • Complete or partial accounts of seven orders, including nine families, 24 genera and 256 species and infra-specific taxa
  • distribution map for each species
  • International authorship team
  • 16 black and white and 56 colour illustrations


Key to the genera of crustose pyrenocarpous lichens in Australia
Appendix: new taxa, lectotypification, etc.