Sports Turf and Amenity Grasses

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A comprehensive reference for the selection and maintenance of grasses used in sports and amenity areas.

Sports Turf and Amenity Grasses is a comprehensive reference for anyone involved with the selection and maintenance of grasses used in sports and amenity areas in all areas. It provides a means to identify these grasses through keys, descriptions and photographs, and also provides detailed information on sowing, oversowing, stolonising and mowing heights. + Full description

The performance of each grass is assessed and detailed comments made on positive and negative aspects of its use. A grass’s tolerance to high temperature, frost, drought, shade, wet soil, salinity, low soil fertility, wear and close mowing is given in a table with each aspect rated. Further comments are made on how well it combines with particular grasses and on issues such as seedling vigour and sowing times.

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No longer available in a print edition.


“A must for sports, golf and turf managers.”
Landscape Australia 24(4) 2002


ePDF | June 2002
ISBN: 9780643090019
Publisher: Landlinks Press
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  • Species are divided into Cool-season grasses and Warm-season grasses
  • Major grasses are listed by country in a table
  • Covers identification, management, and assessment


Turfgrass identification
Turfgrass terminology
Using a visual key
Visual Key to common turfgrasses
Descriptions of the major sports turf and amenity grasses
Cool-season grasses
Warm-season grasses
Descriptions of some minor sports turf and amenity grasses
Cool-season grasses
Warm-season grasses


David E. Aldous is a Principal Lecturer in the Department of Resource Management, Forestry and Amenity Horticulture, Institute of Land and Food Resources, The University of Melbourne-Burnley Campus.

He is a Fellow of Parks and Leisure Australia, and is a member of the Australian Society of Horticultural Science, the International Society for Horticultural Science, and the International Turfgrass Society. In 1998 he was installed as the World President, of the International Federation of Park and Recreation Administration (IFPRA).

Ian Chivers is a private consultant and grass breeder/seed producer based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He has worked in many parts of the world with both the cool season and warm season grasses. His particular expertise is in breeding and selection programmes for the less-well known grasses. This has led to the commercialisation of several species previously unknown for turf use. Within those species his work has led to the development of several varieties.

Ian is currently a Board member of the International Turfgrass Society, a contributor to several references and commonly seen as a conference speaker.