Flora of Australia Volume 43

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Hardback - August 2002 - AU $115.00

Paperback - August 2002 - AU $99.95

Provides a comprehensive introduction to the Poaceae (Grasses) in Australia.

Volume 43 of the highly acclaimed Flora of Australia series provides an introduction to the Poaceae (Grasses). It gives an overview of this important family and provides a comprehensive introduction to grass biology in Australia. + Full description

Essays by a team of leading scientists review the latest Australian research on phylogeny, classification, anatomy, physiology, ecology, palaeobotany, and biogeography of Australian grasses. A further chapter gives a detailed synopsis of the economic attributes of grasses on a genus by genus basis.

Identification keys and a well-illustrated guide to the parts of a grass provide the means to identify grasses to genus level. The volume also includes an atlas with over 1400 maps showing nation-wide distributions of the native and naturalised species currently recognised as occurring in Australia.

This introductory volume will be a valuable reference to all those with a professional interest in the biology and distribution of grasses in Australia.

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". . . definitely a must for all interested in the Poaceae, from beginners to those who have been working on the family for years. . . I hope that everyone working with grasses will soon have their own copy of this volume."
Lyn Fish, Pretoria, South Africa (Plant Systematics and Evolution v.249 no.3/4, 2004)


Hardback | August 2002 | $115.00
ISBN: 9780643068025 | 406 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing

Paperback | August 2002 | $ 99.95
ISBN: 9780643068032 | 406 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing


  • Authored by an international team of experts from Australia, the USA, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
  • Provides an overview of the biology and distribution of native and naturalised grasses in Australia
  • Contains a well-illustrated guide to identifying the parts of a grass
  • Includes over 1400 maps of all recognised native and naturalised taxa, as well as keys to tribes and genera¬∑
  • Incorporates 18 pages of colour photographs.


Table of tables
Contributors to Volume 43

Poaceae, family description
A. McCuscker

Structure and variation in the grass plant A. McCusker

Classification of the grass family E. A. Kellogg

Palaeobotany of the Poaceae M. K. Macphail & R. S. Hill

Grass anatomy S. Renvoize

Ecophysiology of grasses R. Sinclair

Grass and grassland ecology in Australia R. H. Groves & R. D. B. Whalley

The biogeography of Australian grasses H. P. Linder, B. K. Simon & C. M. Weiller

Economic attributes of Australian grasses M. Lazarides

Synoptic Classification E. A. Kellogg

Key to Tribes of Australian Grasses A. McCusker

Key to Genera of Australian Grasses B. K. Simon

Appendix: new taxa and recombinations
Supplementary glossary
Abbreviations and contractions
Publication date of previous volumes