Flora of Australia Supplementary Series 17

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Paperback - October 2002 - AU $29.95

Numerous taxonomic revisions and a substantial amount of additional floristic information have become available since the publication of Streimann & Curnow's Catalogue of Mosses of Australia and its External Territories in 1989. Monographs of Australian families and genera have included descriptions of many new taxa and the reduction of an even larger number of names to synonymy. Moreover, many taxa have been newly reported from Australia, while other Australian records have proved to be based on misidentifications or could not otherwise be confirmed. Taxonomic revisions from other regions have also resulted in many name changes among Australian taxa, and floristic research has provided numerous new State and Territory records.


Paperback | October 2002 | $ 29.95
ISBN: 9780642568250 | 259 pages
Publisher: Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS)