Flora of Australia Supplementary Series 21

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Paperback - November 2003 - AU $19.95

150 genera and 869 accepted species and infraspecific taxa of liverworts and hornworts are listed from the eight States and mainland Territories of Australia. Genera and species are listed alphabetically, and c. 1100 synonyms that have been applied to Australian specimens are inserted under the appropriate species name. + Full description

Nomina nuda, names of uncertain application and those reported in error from Australia are appended. Each species entry is accompanied by a list of post-1982 literature that provides locality details, descriptions, identification keys and/or habitat information.

This completes a modern trio of catalogues on the Australian lichen and bryophyte floras, together comprising more than 5,000 taxa and representing a significant component of the national biota.

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Paperback | November 2003 | $ 19.95
ISBN: 9780642568298 | 138 pages
Publisher: Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS)