Nursery Management

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An introduction to setting up and running a profitable nursery.

Nursery Management second edition is an introduction to setting up and running profitable and efficient nursery businesses covering production, wholesale and retail nurseries at various scales of operation. + Full description

The book discusses all the practical aspects of nursery management from site selection, production systems, and plant propagation through to materials and equipment. Conventional as well as non-chemical biological control measures for pests, weeds and disease control are included.

Management issues for production nurseries, wholesalers and retail nurseries are treated separately for each operation and cover products and services, budgeting, production management, work scheduling and staffing.

The chapter on marketing looks at the major changes that have taken place in the nursery industry, particularly the roles that landscapers, garden centres and hardware stores now play in retailing. It covers market research, promotions, distribution and consumer laws and shows the operator how to define the scope of their operation to fit their resources and how to sell their product for maximum return.

This accessible guide is essential reading for anyone considering entering the nursery industry, and for those already in the business.

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No longer available in a print edition.


“Throughout, this book is highly practical, introducing readers to the key aspects involved in setting up and running profitable and efficient businesses.”
Sian Thomas (Australian Horticulture April 2005)


ePDF | November 2004
ISBN: 9780643092136
Publisher: Landlinks Press
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  • Covers production, wholesale and retail nurseries
  • Discusses practical aspects of site selection, disease control, production systems and equipment
  • Explores marketing issues including distribution and relevant consumer law




Chapter 1. Introduction to the nursery industry
Chapter 2. The nursery site
Chapter 3. Propagation
Chapter 4. Potting and transplanting
Chapter 5. Selection and managing nursery stock
Chapter 6. Plant breeding and ownership
Chapter 7. Pest and disease management
Chapter 8. Growing media
Chapter 9. Nursery materials and equipment
Chapter 10. Irrigation
Chapter 11. Glasshouses, shade houses and other nursery structures
Chapter 12. Management
Chapter 13. Marketing

Appendix 1 Horticulture resources and contacts

Appendix 2 Metric / Imperial conversion table




John Mason graduated from Burnley Horticultural College, Australia, in 1971 with a Diploma in Horticultural Science. In the early 1970s and again in the early 80s, he owned and operated small retail/wholesale nurseries. Since 1979, he has been principal of the Australian Correspondence Schools, an international distance education college offering more than 140 different horticultural courses, and with students spread across more than 50 countries.

He is an active member of both the Queensland Nursery Industry Association and the International Plant Propagators Society, and for 5 years was a national board member of the latter. He is a fellow of the Institute of Horticulture (UK) and Parks and Leisure.