In Search of Sustainability

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Leading Australians present their thoughts on what the main issues are for moving towards a sustainable future.

What must we do to achieve a sustainable society? There is no one answer. The first steps towards sustainability cover a whole spectrum of economic, social and environmental issues. + Full description

In this volume Australian leaders from a wide range of fields discuss the key issues we must address if we are to move towards a more just and sustainable future. They identify the major concerns and challenges for achieving sustainability in the areas of: human health, water resources, land use and natural ecosystems, energy, equity and peace, economic systems, climate change, labour forces and work, urban design and transport, and population.

Achieving sustainability will require major changes in our current approaches. The thought-provoking chapters in this book provide a solid introduction to the issues in the search for a genuine path to sustainability.

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"This is an ideal reference for NSW Geography teachers. . . The book is very readable and would also serve to provide senior students with valuable extension information. I would recommend this book to geography teachers as an invaluable source of information on environmental sustainability. Furthermore, this should be on the desk of every politician, CEO and primary industry group in Australia."
Sharon McLean, St Ignatius' College, NSW
(Georgraphical Education, vol. 18, 2005),

“… there is plenty in this book to recommend it to readers. Several of the chapters have direct links to the NSW Geography syllabus.”
David Hamper, Wenona School (Geography Bulletin, 2005)

“I would recommend this book to all who like to ponder how to achieve a better world, both in terms of the environment and social justice.”
Noelene Williams, Methodist Ladies’ College (Interaction v.33 no.2 June 2005)

“There are now a range of titles published which provide important perspective on aspects of sustainability in Australia, but In Search of Sustainability is set apart by its combined contributions to a thorough overview by some of the country’s most qualified commentators. …

The result is a holistic and valuable discussion by chapter of the major concerns and challenges to be addressed across the areas of human health, water resources, land use and natural ecosystems, energy, equity and peace, economic systems, climate change, labour forces and work, transportation and urban design, and population planning.

Perhaps most pertinently, each contributor sets out their view of the major changes required in our current approaches, and charts a path forward in their particular area of expertise.

In Search of Sustainability provides any reader with a solid, engaging, and accessible introduction to the range of environmental, social and economic issues at the heart the current sustainable development discussion in Australia. It will be relevant to environmentalists; policy makers; academics and students in sustainability and environment courses; and those interested in environmental, economic and social issues.”
Ecos Issue 122 Nov-Dec 2004


ePDF | January 2005
ISBN: 9780643092112
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Contains chapters from prominent Australian thinkers and researchers, including Peter Cullen, Tony McMichael, John Williams, Denis Saunders, Graeme Pearman, Andrew Blakers, Clive Hamilton, Richard Denniss, Colin Butler, Julia Connell, John Burgess, Peter Newman and Ian Lowe.
  • Takes a holistic approach to sustainability, addressing environmental, economic and social issues.


About the Contributors
Chapter 1 An urgent need to change direction
Jenny Goldie, Bob Douglas and Bryan Furnass
Chapter 2 Sustainability, health and well-being
Tony McMichael
Chapter 3 Inequality and conflict
Colin Butler
Chapter 4 The transition to a post-growth society
Clive Hamilton and Richard Denniss
Chapter 5 Land use and ecosystems
John Williams and Denis Saunders
Chapter 6 Water: the key to sustainability in a dry land
Peter Cullen
Chapter 7 Climate change
Graeme Pearman
Chapter 8 Sustainable energy
Andrew Blakers
Chapter 9 Urban design and transport
Peter Newman
Chapter 10 Sustainable work: the issues for Australia
John Burgess and Julia Connell
Chapter 11 Population – the great multiplier
Jenny Goldie
Chapter 12 Achieving a sustainable future
Ian Lowe
Appendix - Recommendations of the ISOS conferences


Jenny Goldie is the former National Director of Sustainable Population Australia, an ecological group dedicated to preserving species' habitats from the degradation caused by human population growth.

Emeritus Professor Bob Douglas is Chair of Australia 21, a not-for-profit company whose core business is research and development on issues of strategic importance to Australia in the 21st century.

Dr Bryan Furnass is a member of the Nature and Society Forum, a non-profit organisation that aims to promote the health and well-being of humans and the natural environment.