Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals: Cattle

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Defines acceptable practices necessary to meet the basic welfare needs of cattle.

This code is intended as a guide for all people responsible for the care and management of cattle. + Full description

The code aims to set an industry standard by defining acceptable cattle management practices in situations, which vary from extensive grazing to close confinement and housing. Whatever the form of husbandry, owners and managers have a responsibility for the health, welfare and considerate treatment of the animals under their control so that stress to the animals is minimised.

The basic needs of cattle for adequate food, water, air, shelter, comfort and freedom to move and express normal behaviour patterns are considered in this document, irrespective of the type of husbandry practiced.

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Paperback | November 2004 | $ 25.00
ISBN: 9780643091160 | 32 pages | 248 x 175 mm
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ISBN: 9780643091498 | 32 pages
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Basic welfare needs
Intensive cattle systems
Artificial rearing of calves
Cattle handling facilities, mustering and yarding
Management practices
Feral cattle
Humane destruction of cattle
Appendix 1 Water for Livestock
Appendix 2 Feed requirement guidelines