Where River Meets Sea

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Details the health, geography, science, management and ecological functions of these unique coastal waterways.

Estuaries are dynamic coastal waterways where salt and fresh water mix. Where River Meets Sea describes the value and status of Australia's 974 estuaries and takes readers on a state-by-state tour describing the health, geography, science, management and ecological functions of these unique coastal waterways. It includes profiles of people and their relationships with estuaries. The book's many photographs, maps, case studies and diagrams will help Australians to better understand, appreciate and wisely use these natural areas. + Full description

Chapters on natural history, coastal science and management give an understanding of our vast network of pristine and heavily modified estuaries – from isolated tide-dominated estuaries in Australia's tropical north to those shaped by waves in southern, temperate waters. Other chapters show how people use and value coastal catchments and waterways, the impacts of human development on natural ecosystems, and how estuaries can be better managed in future.

Where River Meets Sea aims to provide Australians with a deeper appreciation of our coastal waterways that are both vital for our economy and precious to our quality of life.

This is a re-issued version of the original work published by the CRC for Coastal Zone Estuary and Waterway Management in 2004,

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No longer available in a print edition.


"I recommend this book for high school students who have interests in practical science and management. . . The diagrams are very well done, and photographs excellent and engaging…the book is good value for money."
Dr Joanna Ellison, University of Tasmania
(Geographical Education, vol. 18, 2005)


ePDF | March 2006
ISBN: 9780643101470
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • State-by-state coverage of all Australian estuaries
  • Full colour images and maps
  • Chapters cover health, geography, science, management and ecological functions



  1. What is an estuary
  2. Australian estuaries
  3. Estuarine habitats
  4. Estuaries and people
  5. Assessing estuary health
  6. Estuaries of New South Wales
  7. Estuaries of Victoria
  8. Estuaries of Tasmania
  9. Estuaries of South Australia
  10. Estuaries of Western Australia
  11. Estuaries of the Northern Territory
  12. Estuaries of Queensland
  13. Looking back – moving forward
  14. Resources and bibliography