Wildlife Damage Control

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Documents the principles across species with a damaged-based approach, and demonstrates practical applications.

The types of damage caused by wildlife are many and varied, and can be costly and far-reaching. Until now, there has been little effort to identify and evaluate generalities across that broad range of species, methods and topics. + Full description

Wildlife Damage Control promotes principle-based thinking about managing impact. It documents and discusses the key principles underlying wildlife damage and its control, and demonstrates their application to real-life topics – how they have been used in management actions or how they could be tested in the future. It synthesises the wide but diffuse literature dealing with the impacts of vertebrate pests and encourages readers to adopt a more theoretical framework for thinking about pest impacts and ways to manage them.

The book is organised around key principles that apply across species, rather than looking at individual species, and is damage-based not pest animal-based. Within each chapter there are exercises designed to help readers learn and evaluate key principles. Conservation biologists, ecologists and others involved in wildlife management will find the sections covering principles in biodiversity conservation, of production such as agriculture, and in human and animal health of real value.

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No longer available in a print edition.


"Wildlife Damage Control has a substantial reference list and, for this reason, serves as a good introduction to the practices behind the principles. It is a book that one would expect to be found being used as a reference in relation to a university wildlife management course and to be found on the bookshelves of government departments such as Environment and Primary Industry."
Stuart Cairns, Australian Mammalogy Vol 30, 2008

"While the book may have been written primarily for scientists and students in the fields of wildlife management, it will have broader appeal to anyone with an interest in controlling damage caused by wildlife."
Sylvia Van Der Peet, Austral Ecology, September 2007


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ISBN: 9780643094390
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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ISBN: 9780643099821
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Identifies generic principles in the science of wildlife damage control, taking a worldwide, damage-based perspective
  • Gives practical demonstrations of the underlying principles and provides worked examples of impact measurement
  • Synthesises theory and application to guide management planning and provide a framework for readers to think about pest impacts


Patterns and processes in wildlife damage
Generalities in controlling wildlife damage
Biodiversity conservation
Human and animal health
Author index
Subject index


Professor Hone has degrees in rural science and zoology. He has 30 years’ experience in vertebrate pest research in Australia, with overseas experience in New Zealand, USA and the UK. He teaches wildlife ecology and management at the University of Canberra.