Financial Management for Agribusiness

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Presents a practical approach to financial decision making for all those involved in agribusiness.

Financial Management for Agribusiness presents a practical approach to financial decision making for all those involved in agribusiness, including farmers, horticulturists and supporting businesses, to manage invested funds, physical resources and labour. It covers all the stages leading to a completed business plan and provides straightforward worked examples for each step. + Full description

The authors emphasise the need to collect and record the detailed financial and physical records necessary for sound decision making and detail all stages of financial planning, including record keeping, preparation of financial statements, financial analysis, budgeting, income tax, Goods and Services Tax and succession planning.

The book clearly explains how past financial information of the business can be used to identify and assess alternative strategies that will aid management in making decisions that meet business and personal objectives.

The complete financial management process is then summarised in a comprehensive business plan.

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Paperback | June 2007 | $ 69.95
ISBN: 9780643092952 | 360 pages
Publisher: Landlinks Press

ePDF | June 2007
ISBN: 9780643094635
Publisher: Landlinks Press
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  • Practical and easy-to-read
  • Describes all elements of a complete business plan
  • Supported by practical techniques, examples and alternative strategies
  • Shows how to collect, record and organize detailed financial and physical records
  • Shows how to identify the strengths of the business and weaknesses that need correcting