Dictionary for Managing Trees in Urban Environments

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A complete list of terms used in the universal management of urban trees.

Dictionary for Managing Trees in Urban Environments is a comprehensive list of terms used in the universal management of urban trees. + Full description

Many of the terms are from arboricultural science, while others are derived from unproven but commonly applied concepts. Where the existing terminology to describe trees was limited or nonexistent, new terms have been introduced.

This dictionary allows for broad application and use by a wide variety of people and conveys in plain language concepts that are sometimes complex. Most major terms have been cross referenced and diagrams have been added for greater understanding. While a number of pertinent botanical terms have been included, those readily found within dictionaries of general plant sciences and botany have been omitted.

Dictionary for Managing Trees in Urban Environments promotes a greater understanding of arboriculture and urban forestry, and will assist in the preparation of reports for the management of trees, procedures and planning instruments, such as Tree Management Policies and Tree Management Orders.

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No longer available in a print edition.


"As a lay reader with a strong interest in ‘reafforesting’ urban areas, I was fascinated by what there is to know. Though diagrams are not always common in dictionaries, they made the technical definitions very clear. Anyone with a more than passing interest in trees would be well served by having this book on their library shelf."
The Australian Tafe Teacher, Winter 2010

"I couldn't put this book down, which seems silly when you are speaking about a dictionary. This book would be particularly useful to anyone who needs to write about trees, aboriculture or urban forestry - whether it be schoolchildren or anyone in the horticulture or publishing industry. This is a clearly written and easy to understand volume. The authors have done an excellent job."
Maureen Lucas, Gardeners Gazette, Winter 2009

“I’ll dip into this articulate compendium next time I open a tree management report. Our tree expert at the Botanic Gardens, Dave Bidwell, considers it useful in any arborist’s toolkit.”
Josh Byrne, Gardening Australia, August 2009

"In short, it's the perfect back-up for anyone who's writing a report, reading a report, or studying the subject of tree management, as it covers all the ground. If tree management is your business, then so is this book."
Malcolm Tait, Tree Council UK, Tree News, Summer 2009

"The black-and-white illustrations and some photographs are a particularly useful feature. Although a number of books on urban forestry in general are available, nothing specific to terminology has been published previously. Recommended."
N. Kobzina, Choice, Vol 47, No 03, November 2009


ePDF | January 2009
ISBN: 9780643096868
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Comprehensive dictionary for managing urban trees
  • Has broad application by other professions
  • Topic based with an index and cross references
  • Drawn from modern research from around the world
  • Provides terminology where in some instances none existed
  • Consolidates meaning through extensive cross referencing


Danny Draper is Principal Consulting Arboriculturist at Urban Tree Management Australia, previously gaining extensive tree management experience in local government. He founded the Institute of Australian Consulting Arboriculturists (IACA) in 2003 and is President. Danny is an experienced expert witness in the NSW Land and Environment Court, and has an ongoing long-term commitment to developing Standards for Arboriculture within Australia.

Peter Richards is Principal Consulting Arboriculturist at Tree and Landscape Consultants. Past roles include work within the private sector and appointed positions within federal, state and local government. Peter is a founding member of the Institute of Australian Consulting Arboriculturists (IACA) and is currently involved with all aspects of tree management. This dictionary is his first major published work.