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The New Zealand Society of Soil Science organised a conference with the conference theme “Soils & Society”. This encompassed the economic, environmental, social, and cultural aspects of soil science. Rotorua was chosen as the conference venue and is an ideal location due to the growing local emphasis on water quality stemming from soil management issues. Sixteen papers of 100 papers presented at the conference were selected for this Special Issue. The papers cover wide areas of soil research such as heavy metals (phytoremediation, distribution in a biosolid amended forest soil; remedial treatments on phytoavailability); nitrification inhibitors (decomposition, nitrous oxide emission, nitrogen losses); dairy shed effluent (phosphate removal, bacterial leaching through soil, nitrogen removal in seepage wetland); flyash products (soil amendment, nutrient uptake, element extraction); understanding atmospheric sodium deposition; carbon sequestration in urban landscapes; influence of atmospheric CO2 concentrations on soil nitrifying bacteria; various amendments on nitrous oxide emissions; rapid in situ assessment of soil carbon and nitrogen; and slow-release N fertiliser and its effect on net mineralisation.


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