Diseases of Fruit Crops in Australia

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Comprehensive coverage of important diseases affecting the broad range of fruit crops grown in Australia.

Diseases of Fruit Crops in Australia is the new standard reference in applied plant pathology in Australia covering important diseases affecting the broad range of fruit and nut crops grown throughout Australia. It is an essential tool for growers, horticulturists, crop consultants, research scientists, plant pathologists, quarantine officers, agribusiness representatives, pest management personnel, educators and students. + Full description

The book is generously illustrated with high quality colour images to help diagnose diseases and explains how to identify and manage each disease, describing the symptoms of the disease, its importance, the source of infection and spread and control measures.

Based on the highly regarded 1993 edition of Diseases of Fruit Crops, this new work updates management practices that have evolved since then. Importantly, it contains the latest information on diseases that have recently emerged in Australia as well as exotic diseases that are biosecurity threats to Australian fruit and nut production.

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... essential for any horticulturist, farmer or lecturer. The keen amateur vegie or fruit grower will also be lost without them. "
Don Burke, Burke’s Backyard, pp. 50, October 2012

"Diseases of Fruit Crops in Australia is a worthy addition to the bookshelves of all those involved in the fruit industry business as well as the enthusiastic home gardener and hobby farmer. It should become the new standard reference in applied plant pathology in Australia."
R. G. Richardson, Plant Protection Quarterly, Vol 25 (1), 2010

"Every gardener seriously into growing fruit trees should invest in this reference…the investment is well worth it."
subTropical Gardening Magazine, Issue 20, Aug-Oct 2010

"Diseases of Fruit Crops in Australia is a beautiful, informative hardcover book…The text is generously illustrated with great colour photographs, all wonderfully integrated so you are not flicking backwards and forwards."
Tree Cropper, NZ Tree Crops Association, Issue 61, March 2010

"…more photos have been added. And they are absolutely fantastic! A joy to look at, in the macabre way of plant pathologists, that is! Are there any reasons not to rush out to get a copy? Not really."
Grahame Jackson, Pestnet, January 2010


Hardback | November 2009 | $160.00
ISBN: 9780643069718 | 288 pages | 270 x 210 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour illustrations

ePDF | November 2009
ISBN: 9780643098282
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Available from eRetailers


  • Written in a straightforward style with a minimum of scientific terms
  • Provides accurate information about significant diseases affecting 17 major and several specialty fruit crops in Australian tropical and temperate regions
  • Each disease is extensively illustrated with high quality colour photographs
  • Contains a comprehensive glossary and provides up-to-date sources of further information
  • Describes key exotic diseases that are biosecurity risks to Australian fruit growers


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Tony Cooke is a Senior Experimental Officer with Agri-Science Queensland (Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation) (DEEDI). He has extensive experience in diseases of tropical and sub-tropical fruit. His work in research and extension is undertaken both in Australia and internationally. Tony’s focus has been to reduce postharvest disease losses which can be extensive in markets. He has collaborated on previous handbooks of fruit and vegetable diseases published by DPI&F.

Denis Persley is a Principal Plant Pathologist with Agri-Science Queensland (DEEDI). He has extensive research experience in the identification and control of virus diseases in plants. He is also an experienced extension specialist and coordinates information systems for integrated vegetable crop protection. Denis has coordinated and contributed to previous handbooks of fruit and vegetable diseases published by DPI&F, particularly as editor of Diseases of Vegetable Crops published by DPI&F in 1994.

Susan House is a specialist in information extension with Agri-Science Queensland (DEEDI), teaming with scientists to create electronic and print resources for agricultural industries. She has developed handbooks and web products for producers in forestry, horticulture and viticulture. Pursuit of science writing and communication developed from 15 years’ experience in research, teaching and publishing in biological sciences, including reproductive ecology of Australian rainforest and woodland trees.