Pruning for Flowers and Fruit

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The best groomed and most productive garden is easy when you know how your plants work and what to prune when.

The best groomed and most productive garden is easy when you know what to prune when and how your plants work. + Full description

Pruning for Flowers and Fruit covers plants in cool-temperate to subtropical climates and is suitable for the home gardener, avid enthusiast as well as the nursery trade and horticultural students. It includes annuals, ornamentals, vegetables, roses, perennials and hydrangeas, and fruiting plants that can be pruned to fit in your back garden.

The author shows how to choose the best plant at the nursery, prune weather damaged plants, renovate ornamental or fruiting trees and shrubs, and maintain your secateurs like a professional. Create different landscape features such as pleached avenues, design elements like hedges and the more fanciful topiary. Show off your plant’s juvenile foliage or beautiful bark, or sustainably harvest wood for carpentry or craft by following the steps on how to coppice or pollard plants.

Never get your wisteria in a twist again and learn to prune with confidence following techniques that range from the most basic through to those for the most advanced espaliers.

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"This is the guide to pruning that many home gardeners have been waiting for. Compact, packed with information and well-illustrated, it answers all your tricky pruning questions in a clear format."
John Patrick, Gardening Australia, March 2011

"It's one you'll turn to time and again"
Better Homes and Gardens, October 2010

"This really is a book every gardener needs on their bookshelf – one that gets tattered with use."
Cedric Bryant, Sunday Canberra Times, 18 July 2010

"Varkulevicius's book is packed with information and generously illustrated with photographs and drawings. You could say it was a cut above."
Simon Webster, Organic Gardener, November/December 2010

"Glossy, 212 pages, with lots of colour photographs and excellent diagrams, it is well written, simple to understand and excellent value for $39.95. It is likely to take and important place as a constant reference work for the novice and experienced gardener."
Mike Morris, Hastings Independent, 27 Jul 2010

"…this book is a valuable insight into the how-to of pruning."
subTropical Gardening Magazine, Issue 20, Aug-Oct 2010

"…sound basics on buying the right plant, staking, when and how to prune, and how to sharpen secateurs."
Helen Young, Weekend Australian, 24 July 2010


Paperback | May 2010 | $ 39.95
ISBN: 9780643095762 | 224 pages | 240 x 190 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour illustrations

ePDF | May 2010
ISBN: 9780643100244
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Prune with confidence following detailed step-by-step instructions and easy to follow diagrams
  • Learn how to choose the best plant at the nursery for your garden
  • Master the growing of fruiting plants in small spaces from deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs to cane and bramble berries
  • Whether a beginner or more experienced gardener, become an expert and bring out the best in your garden


Introduction – Why prune?
  1. How plants grow
  2. Plant quality, propagation and performance
  3. Techniques and tools
  4. Ornamental plants
  5. Fruit trees
  6. Deciduous fruit trees
  7. Evergreen fruit trees
  8. Citrus
  9. Fruiting shrubs
  10. Berry fruit
  11. Cane berries
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Jane Varkulevicius has been a passionate gardener from an early age, and has worked in the horticultural industry for 30 years. She has developed, with her husband and two children, a garden that is not only a sanctuary for friends and family but also with an emphasis on ornamental food production. Making the most of every plant in the garden, no matter how small the space, has led her to believe that an understanding of how plants work and how they can be pruned is an essential garden skill.