The Renewable Revolution

cover of The Renewable Revolution

To understand the energy crisis and find a sustainable solution requires a holistic perspective.

Our environment and society is threatened by fuel shortages, a changing climate and energy wars. In our race for survival we are awakened to the simple truth that the essential condition of sustainability lies in our ability to live within the limits and renewability of natural resources. It invokes within us an urgent need for transition from an obsolete, destructive and unsustainable energy path to a sustainable path of innovation, renewable energy and peace. The good news is that the technology required to make this transition is already available. + Full description

From an author with over 30 years' experience campaigning for and setting up renewable energy projects around the world, this book is unique for its interdisciplinary approach – interweaving technology, economics, environmental science, philosophy, history, spirituality and politics, asserting that to understand the crisis and find a sustainable solution requires a holistic perspective. Readers will understand the vast renewable resource we have at our disposal in the form of solar, wind, water, heat and biogas and the technologies used to harness this power. There are also the emerging prospects of solar hydrogen fuel cells, biofuels and geothermal. The true economic advantages of a shift to a renewables-based economy (and how we can get there) are also laid out clearly. There's much to learn from examples around the world while we devise local and appropriate solutions.

Written for a crossover readership of students, educators, professionals, academics, activists and policymakers, both nationally and internationally, this is a comprehensive but readable and practical book that will inspire readers to wake others up to our renewable solutions.

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"A vision of reconciliation between humanity and the planet."
Ross Gelbspan, Pulitzer Journalist and author, The Heat Is On and Boiling Point.


Racing for Survival: Transitioning to a Renewable Energy Path
1. The Sun: The Enduring Light
2. Power to the People: Renewable Energy Technologies-Now!
3. "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"
4. From The Collapsing Economy to A Sustainable Economy: The Real Economic Advantages of Renewable Energy Technologies
5. The Renewable Revolution: Turning Vision into Action
6. An Act of Dialogue


Sajed Kamal teaches in the Sustainable International Development program at Brandeis University and has been involved in the field for more than thirty years as a lecturer and consultant internationally, setting up projects in the United States, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Armenia and El Salvador. He is also an award-winning poet, artist, educational consultant, psychotherapist, translator and published author of a dozen books and many articles in a wide range of areas.