Renewable Energy: The Facts

cover of Renewable Energy: The Facts

Straight-talking, information filled guide for anyone who wants to better understand renewable energy

Interest in renewable energy has never been greater, but much uncertainty remains as to the role the various technologies will play in the transition to a low-carbon future. This book sets out the facts – how the technologies work, where and to what extent they are currently employed, and where the greatest potential lies. Covering all the major fields – solar electricity, solar thermal, solar architecture, bioenergy, wind, geothermal, hydropower, as well as new energy technologies – it also includes sections on how best to promote the uptake of renewables and answers to common questions and opposition. The authors provide a number of German-sourced yet internationally relevant examples and strategies which have become increasingly significant in the promotion of renewable energy in recent years. The convenient layout mixes detailed explanation with clear, take-away facts and messages on each double-page spread. + Full description

This straight-talking, information filled guide is the perfect primer for anyone who wants to better understand and promote renewable energy, whether in industry, study, policy or campaigns.

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"This is a great summary of the debate and technologies of renewable energies, and fully up-to-date."
Prof. Ernst von Weizsäcker, Co-Chair, United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Resource Panel


Foreword by Rainer Griesshammer
1. Introduction
2. Solar Thermal
3. Solar Electric: Photovoltaics
4. Solar Architecture
5. Biomass
6. Wind Power
7. Waterpower, Geothermal, and other Perspectives
8. New Energy Technologies
9. Current Use and Potential
10. FAQs
11. Promoting Renewable Energy
12. Good Marketing – Successful Projects


Dieter Seifriedis director of Ö-quadrat, an independent consulting firm ( He is the author of numerous studies and publications on energy policy and the energy sector and is currently a lecturer at the University of Freiburg for the "Renewable Energy Management" Masters programme.

Walter Witzel is Chairman of Baden-Württemberg's Wind Energy Association.