A Guide to Pasture Species in NSW

cover of A Guide to Pasture Species in NSW

Paperback - September 2010 - AU $30.00

Includes descriptions and colour photos of useful temperate and tropical legume and grass species.

This guide to pasture species in NSW, includes descriptions and colour photos of useful temperate and tropical legume and grass species. Also includes chapters on pasture selection, establishment, management and grazing systems.


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Paperback | September 2010 | $ 30.00
ISBN: 9780731306275 | 144 pages
Publisher: NSW Industry & Investment
Colour photographs


Chapter 1: Pasture Types suitable for NSW
Why sow pasture?
Temperate or tropical?
Responding to climate change and climate variability
A history of introductions
Describing new cultivars
Chapter 2: Legumes for soil, pasture and crop improvement
Strains of rhizobium
Inoculating legume seed
Chapter 3: Fertilisers for pastures
Phosphorus: a key nutrient
Other esstential plant nutrients
Chapter 4: Pasture establishment
Seed treatment
Chapter 5: Pasture management
Pasture quantity and quality
Chapter 6: Grazing management
The principles of grazing management
Stocking rates
Altering the diet
Keeping the sward vigorous
Maintaining desirable species
Grazing systems
Picking a good diet
Continuous feed supply
Chapter 7: Selecting species, cultivars and mixtures for pastures
Describing grasses
Grass plant parts
Cultivar development
Pasture recommendations
Animal health and disorders
Chapter 8: Pasture grasses
Chapter 9: Pasture legumes
Chapter 10: Fodder and forage crops
Pasture hay and silage
Fodder and forage crops
Crops for winter feed
Crops for summer feed
Browse shrubs
Chaper 11: Seed quality
Genetic integrity
Seed purity
Germination testing
Species list
Alphabetical by common name
Alphabetical by botanical name
References and further reading
Web sites
Species index