Gardens for All Seasons

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Celebrates the role of gardens in our lives and advises on the timing of tasks in the Australian gardening year.

Gardens for All Seasons is a gardening lifestyle book by bestselling author Mary Horsfall, celebrating the role of gardens in our lives and advising on the timing of jobs in the gardening year throughout Australia. + Full description

Monthly chapters include topics such as planning, bushfire preparation, watering, pot plant care, mulching, weeding, fertilising, pruning, propagating, pest control, what to plant for different climate zones and what garden venues and events to visit.

Mary details her own gardening year, including jobs done, fruits and vegetables harvested, food cooked based on the harvest, what was in flower and wildlife observations – all on a month by month basis. Each chapter includes a special topic of the month, such as fun for kids in the garden, biodiversity, manipulating microclimate, and fragrance and first aid.

Covering both edible and decorative gardens, and including colour photographs as well as some of Mary’s own recipes, Gardens for All Seasons is sure to please all types of gardeners.

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No longer available in a print edition.


"If you want a practical gardening guide, written for Australian-climate gardeners and covering both ornamental and edible gardens, this book could be just the thing. It’s hard to find books that can tick all these boxes, so it’s quite exciting when one turns up."
Holly Shorland, The Herald Sun, May 2013

"In an age when time is precious, it's lovely to read a book like Gardens for All Seasons which celebrates the cycles of nature."
Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, March 2013

"There's lots to read and learn making the book great value for money."
Grass Roots, pp. 73, Dec 12/Jan 13

"This is a friendly book about gardening, the joys of the garden world and a useful garden reference book, particularly for those with some gardening experience."
SA Life Magazine, December 2012


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  • Appealing and relevant to readers from all climate zones.
  • Covers edible and decorative gardens.
  • Includes recipes.
  • Special topic of the month includes fun for kids in the garden, biodiversity, manipulating microclimate, and fragrance and first aid.



The garden cornucopia
Topic of the month: garden fun for kids
Topic of the month: shady days
Topic of the month: manipulating microclimate
Topic of the month: legumes and other friends of the soil
Topic of the month: bulbs and friends
Topic of the month: pruning pointers
Topic of the month: bare-rooted planting
Topic of the month: propagation projects
Topic of the month: biodiversity, what is it all about?
Topic of the month: pollinate or perish
Topic of the month: fragrance and first aid
Topic of the month: easy ways for summer days
Appendix 1: Bibliography
Appendix 2: Home-made pest control
Appendix 3: Suppliers
Appendix 4: Soil temperatures for vegetable germination
Appendix 5: Garlic and onion planting times


Mary Horsfall has over 35 years’ experience in organic gardening, including 23 years growing self-sufficiency food crops organically in a dry-summer environment with only dam and tank water. In 1978 she and her husband, Rodney, moved to a 40-acre, hilly, rocky, bracken-covered property in north-east Victoria. Here, they built their own house, grew and preserved much of their own organic food, kept a range of animals, spun and knitted their own fleeces, revegetated parts of the land, made gardens, raised two children, and generally learnt a lot about self-reliance, country living and gardening. In 2002 they moved to a country town and started a new garden from scratch, on a smaller scale than the previous one, but still using organic methods and still growing a lot of their own food.

Mary was an editor and writer for Grass Roots magazine for 20 years. She wrote regular in-house pages and scores of articles on a range of subjects, but specialising in gardening, environment-related issues and biodiversity. She was also gardening editor and wrote regular garden and environment-related articles for Greenhouse Living magazine for three years. Her previous books include Creating Your Eco-friendly Garden and Fabulous Food from Every Small Garden.

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