The Complete Guide to Saving Seeds

Paperback - July 2011 - AU $34.99

All the information you need to extend the life of your favourite plants to the next generation and beyond.

Learn how to collect, save, and cultivate the seeds from more than 300 vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, trees, and shrubs. It's easy, and it’s fun! The authors thoroughly explain every step in the seed-saving process. Descriptions of seed biology; tips on how to select plants for the best seeds; and advice on harvesting and cleaning, proper storage and care, and propagating and caring for new seedlings are all presented with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Chapters dedicated to individual plants contain species-specific directions and detailed information. + Full description

Gardeners of any experience level will find all the information they need to extend the life of their favourite plants to the next generation and beyond.

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Paperback | July 2011 | $ 34.99
ISBN: 9781603425742 | 320 pages
Publisher: Storey Publishing, USA
Colour illustrations


Robert Gough holds a doctorate in botany and is Professor Emeritus of Horticulture at the College of Agriculture, Montana State University. He is the author of 17 gardening books. He served as Extension Horticulturalist in Montana and is a Fellow of both the American Society for Horticultural Science and the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture.

Cheryl Moore-Gough holds an M.S. in Plant Sciences from Montana State University, where she is now an adjunct assistant professor in horticulture. Cheryl has taught and coordinated the Montana Master Gardener program and has published numerous works alone and with her husband, Dr Robert Moore, including five gardening books.