Atlas of Leaf Venation and Oil Gland Patterns in the Eucalypts

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Uses high quality scaled leaf venation images of specimens to compare all taxonomic groups in the eucalypts.

Atlas of Leaf Venation and Oil Gland Patterns in the Eucalypts is an aid to the identification of eucalypts in the field and a confirmation of the natural affinities between species and higher-level taxa on the basis of their comparative morphology. Its purpose is to standardise leaf venation and oil gland terminology and to demonstrate the taxonomic value of leaf venation and oil gland patterns within the eucalypts. + Full description

The work discusses the visible features of the adult leaves of eucalypts as seen with reflected and transmitted light. Because venation and oil glands become obscure in dried specimens this work relies entirely on the comprehensive sampling and observation of fresh leaves.

High quality, scaled, leaf venation images of vouchered specimens are used to compare all taxonomic groups in the eucalypts. All genera, sections, series and subseries are represented.

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"I do expect that it will earn its place in the small but important group of books that really do matter in explaining basic plant morphology in a way that makes a difference."
Bob Hill, Australasian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter 156, September 2013, pg.30


ePDF | June 2013
ISBN: 9780643109865
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • High quality scaled leaf venation and oil gland images to aid in field identification
  • Includes examples from all taxonomic groups in the eucalypts for comparative purposes
  • Standardises leaf venation and oil gland terminology


Background – leaf venation
Background – leaf oil glands
Intramarginal vein
Secondary vein angle and spacing
Tertiary vein reticulation
Oil gland arrangement and shape
Oil gland frequency and conspicuousness
Eucalyptus subg. Eudesmia
Eucalyptus subg. Acerosae
Eucalyptus subg. Cruciformes
Eucalyptus subg. Symphyomyrtus sect. Sejunctae
Eucalyptus subg. Symphyomyrtus sect. Racemus
Eucalyptus subg. Symphyomyrtus sect. Bolites
Eucalyptus subg. Symphyomyrtus sect. Inclusae, Latoangulatae, Similares and Incognitae
Eucalyptus subg. Symphyomyrtus sect. Liberivalvae, Exsertaria and Platysperma
Eucalyptus subg. Symphyomyrtus sect. Pumilio
Eucalyptus subg. Symphyomyrtus sect. Bisectae
Eucalyptus subg. Symphyomyrtus sect. Dumaria
Eucalyptus subg. Symphyomyrtus sect. Maidenaria
Eucalyptus subg. Symphyomyrtus sect. Adnataria
Eucalyptus subg. Minutifructus
Eucalyptus subg. Cuboidea
Eucalyptus subg. Alveolata
Eucalyptus subg. Idiogenes
Eucalyptus subg. Primitiva
Eucalyptus subg. Eucalyptus



Ian Brooker has been exclusively a eucalypt taxonomist since 1970. He has published over 200 new eucalypt taxa and is an author of more than 100 refereed papers on the eucalypts as well as four books.

Dean Nicolle is a consultant arborist, botanist and ecologist, specialising in the eucalypts. He has published over 60 new eucalypt taxa and has written more than 40 refereed papers and several books on the eucalypts. He established and runs Currency Creek Arboretum, a specialist eucalypt research arboretum featuring over 800 living eucalypt species.