Beef Cattle Production and Trade

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Covers all aspects of the beef industry from paddock to plate.

Beef Cattle Production and Trade covers all aspects of the beef industry from paddock to plate. It is an international text with an emphasis on Australian beef production, written by experts in the field. + Full description

The book begins with an overview of the historical evolution of world beef consumption and introductory chapters on carcass and meat quality, market preparation and world beef production. North America, Brazil, China, South-East Asia and Japan are discussed in separate chapters, followed by Australian beef production, including feed lotting and live export.

The remaining chapters summarise R&D, emphasising the Australian experience, and look at different production systems and aspects of animal husbandry such as health, reproduction, grazing, feeding and finishing, genetics and breeding, production efficiency, environmental management and business management.

The final chapter examines various case studies in northern and southern Australia, covering feed demand and supply, supplements, pasture management, heifer and weaner management, and management of internal and external parasites.

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"It is essential reading for someone with beef cattle or those interested in starting a beef enterprise"
Grass Roots, June/July 2014


Hardback | April 2014 | $140.00
ISBN: 9780643109889 | 584 pages | 275 x 210 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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ePDF | April 2014
ISBN: 9780643109896
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Provides an overview of world beef consumption and production, meat quality and preparation for market.
  • Contains summaries of beef production in North America, Brazil, China, SE Asia and Japan.
  • Covers northern and southern Australia.
  • Provides comprehensive and detailed information on production systems and animal husbandry.
  • Contains case studies.


List of contributors

Chapter 1: Beef consumption: historical overview, recent trends and contemporary attitudes
Chapter 2: Beef processing and carcass and meat quality
Chapter 3: Market preparation
Chapter 4: World beef production
Chapter 5: North American beef production
Chapter 6: Brazilian beef production
Chapter 7: Chinese and south-east Asian cattle production
Chapter 8: Japanese beef production
Chapter 9: Northern Australian beef production
Chapter 10: The Southern Australian beef industry
Chapter 11: Australian feedlot industry
Chapter 12: Live cattle export industry
Chapter 13: Biosecurity and beef cattle health, husbandry and welfare
Chapter 14: Reproductive management of beef cattle
Chapter 15: Grazing and pasture management and utilisation in Australia
Chapter 16: Growing and finishing beef cattle at pasture and in feedlots
Chapter 17: Genetics and breeding
Chapter 18: Production efficiency
Chapter 19: Environmental management
Chapter 20: Beef business management
Chapter 21: Australian beef cattle case studies



David Cottle has worked in tertiary education at Charles Sturt University, Lincoln University, New Zealand, and the University of New South Wales. He was a Division Manager at the Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand from 1998 to 2003. He returned to Australia in 2003 to take up the Chair of Sheep and Wool Science at the University of New England and was the Education Program Leader in the Sheep CRC until 2007, Associate Dean Teaching and Learning from 2006 to 2008 and Deputy Chair of Academic Board from 2008 to 2010. His research interests include feed use efficiency in grazing sheep and cattle. He is working with Proway Livestock and Sapien Technology to develop multi-bin feed systems that control and record individual animal supplement intakes and can be used to estimate pasture intake.

Lewis Kahn is a partner in Agricultural Information and Monitoring Services which provides independent consulting services to improve the productivity of the livestock industry and the natural resource condition of grazing lands. Lewis thinks in terms of agricultural systems with a focus on grazing and pasture management, livestock nutrition and health and industry strategic planning. He is also an Associate Professor in Animal Science, University of New England investigating issues to improve the health, reproductive success and grazing management of sheep and beef cattle.