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This Special Issue serves as a testament to the innovativeness and commitment of the scientists who have contributed to the Pork CRC.

The Pork CRC has revitalised pig and pork research in Australia, and enhanced the global competiveness of the Australian pork industry, through the development of an unprecedented range of new technologies and information. The advances made in the areas of grain technology, herd feed efficiency and in establishing the human health attributes of Australian pork by the Pork CRC are the results of excellence in science, close involvement of industry in the R&D programs and effective communication/demonstration of outcomes to participant’s and to the industry in general. + Full description

In terms of feed efficiency, Pork CRC research which translated into technologies adopted and now widely used by industry included:

  • The efficient and cost effective use of metabolism modifiers to enhance animal performance and profitability.
  • Establishment of the performance capabilities and amino acid requirements of Australian and New Zealand genotypes.
  • Establishment of changes over time in the performance, amino acid requirements and meat quality aspects of intact male pigs administered the boar taint vaccine – IMPROVAC.
  • Establishment that the progeny of first litter females are at greater risk of disease, higher mortality and poorer performance than those from older sows and the development of nutritional and other means of improving the health and performance of pigs at weaning and throughout their life time.
  • A number of breakthroughs in our understanding of sow reproduction and means of enhancing sow reproduction and longevity.

A number of these outcomes are published in this Special Issue of Animal Production Science. This publication serves as a testament to the innovativeness and commitment of the scientists who have contributed to this research effort.

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Paperback | February 2013 | $ 75.00
ISBN: AN53/01 | 96 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing