Clive Francis Festschrift

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This Special Edition has been assembled in recognition of the 50-year career of Dr Clive Francis.

This Special Edition of Crop & Pasture Science has been assembled in recognition of the 50-year career of Dr Clive Francis. His career was notable for his scientific achievements and the impact of his research on farms and farming systems across Australia. His influence and leadership stood out during an era where agricultural science was a key driver of national economic performance and growth. + Full description

The strategic insights of Clive Francis were the major drivers of research directions in pasture science in Western Australia. Over time his influence grew and helped to shape national and international research agendas. During this era Western Australia was recognised as a national and international leader in pasture research and development, and the scientific achievements were matched by wide-scale adoption of the resultant technologies by farmers both in Western Australia and nationally. It is notable that his interests were not confined to pastures and he also applied clear strategic thinking to the development of crops, with a focus on species such as crop legumes used as break-crops in sequences with cereals. A special aspect of Clive’s career was his engagement in, and leadership of, an international network of scientists with strong interest in the collection, maintenance, and use of genetic resources in pasture and crop breeding programs.

This special issue of the Journal will be of particular interest to research scientists, resource managers, historians, as well as farmers, and is essential reading for anyone interested in pasture management and the use of genetic resources.

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Paperback | October 2013 | $ 75.00
ISBN: CP64/04 | 121 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing