Project Planning and Management for Ecological Restoration

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Provides a straightforward framework for developing and executing an ecological restoration project that has the highest potential for success.

Concern over climate change and the ongoing challenges of managing natural lands have made the field of ecological restoration a growing focus in the agendas of national and international conservation organizations, including the United Nations. The problems facing us are both complex and urgent—and effective solutions are vital. + Full description

Project Planning and Management for Ecological Restoration presents principles of sound planning and management that will greatly increase the likelihood that projects will be successful. John Rieger, John Stanley, and Ray Traynor have been involved in restoration activities for nearly thirty years, inventing and adapting techniques as well as developing and applying methods as they broke ground for this new field. Rieger and Stanley were part of the small group who, recognizing the need for a professional organisation, helped to found the Society for Ecological Restoration in 1987. This book comes out of their experience of doing restoration, through trial and error, setting goals and methodology, and learning what works.

The authors focus on process, planning, design, implementation, and management rather than science. They describe a simple project management plan, identify the design approaches and the commitments that decisions require, and explain how design theory is translated to on-the-ground project design. The book includes numerous illustrations, as well as a series of checklists and tables to help restorationists recognise and then correct problems that may arise.

The goal of Project Planning and Management for Ecological Restoration is to provide a straightforward framework for developing and executing an ecological restoration project that has the highest potential of being successful. Professionals and practitioners can apply the guidelines offered by the authors to the wide variety of situations and locations where restoration is happening. Long overdue, this book will inform and advance the effective practice of this promising field.

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Paperback | September 2014 | $ 59.99
ISBN: 9781610913621 | 320 pages | 178 x 254 mm
Publisher: Island Press, USA
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PART I. Project Planning
Introduction to Part I
Chapter 1 Framework for Ecological Restoration
Chapter 2 Restoration Project Management
Chapter 3 Defining Your Project

PART II. Project Design
Introduction to Part II
Chapter 4 Site Analysis
Chapter 5 Design Approach
Chapter 6 Design
Chapter 7 Water and Soil
Chapter 8 Plant Material

PART III. Project Implementation
Introduction to Part III
Chapter 9 Restoration Project Documents
Chapter 10 Construction and Installation

PART IV. Project Aftercare
Introduction to Part IV
Chapter 11 Maintenance and Stewardship
Chapter 12 Weed Management and Invasive Species Control
Chapter 13 Monitoring and Evaluation

PART V. Synthesis of the Process
Introduction to Part V
Chapter 14 Bring It All Together
Chapter 15 Summary of Project Planning and Management Principles

Appendix 1 Gantt Chart Primer
Appendix 2 Project Cost Estimate Worksheet
Appendix 3 Risk Management in Restoration Projects
Appendix 4 Project Evaluation and Review Technique
Appendix 5 Site Analysis Checklist
Appendix 6 Seed and Plant Calculation Exercise
Appendix 7 Plant and Planting Specification
Appendix 8 Plan Review Checklist
Appendix 9 Permitting Table
Appendix 10 Completed Site Analysis Checklist
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About the Authors


John Rieger has been a restoration ecologist for the past thirty years. He helped to cofound the Society for Ecological Restoration in 1987 and served as its first president. John was presented the Society’s Service Award in 1995 and the Golden Trowel Award in 1997. He has actively promoted ecological restoration throughout his long career, presenting workshops throughout the United States, Canada, and England.

John Stanley, a restoration ecologist with more than forty years of experience, is a founding member of Society for Ecological Restoration. He is a restoration ecologist with WWW RESTORATION, a consulting firm specializing in the protection, restoration, and management of watersheds, waterways, and wetlands.

Ray Traynor is vice president and general manager of Axiom Xcell, a mobile-application design and post-production services firm based in San Diego, California. His background is landscape architecture and project management, which he has taught at several restoration workshops.