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Taking readers from inspiration to implementation, Public Produce is chock full of tantalising images and hearty lessons for bringing agriculture back into our cities.

Why plant trees that only provide shade when they could yield fruit as well? Why not take advantage of sunny patches at the outskirts of parking lots to grow carrots and strawberries, free for the harvesting? The idea that public land could be used creatively to grow fresh food for local citizens was beginning to gain traction when Public Produce was first published in 2009, but there were few concrete examples of action. Today, things are different: fruits and vegetables are thriving in parks, plazas, along our streets and around our civic buildings. This revised edition profiles numerous communities and community officials that are rethinking the role of public space in cities, and how our most revered urban gathering spots might nourish both body and soul.


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Paperback | November 2014 | $ 27.99
ISBN: 9781610915496 | 216 pages | 210 x 140 mm
Publisher: Island Press, USA


Darrin Nordahl is an award-winning writer on issues of food and city design. He completed his bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture at the University of California at Davis and his master’s degree in urban design at Cal-Berkeley. From 2006 to 2012, he was the City Designer at the Davenport Design Center, in Davenport, Iowa. He currently lives and writes in Berkeley, California.