Crop Sequences in Modern Australian Farming Systems

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Explores different aspects of break crops, as applied to modern Australian farming systems.

This special issue of Crop & Pasture Science explores different aspects of break crops, as applied to modern Australian farming systems. The research is divided between conventional agronomic studies of break crops and studies that adopt a survey of either the literature, farmers’ fields or use bio-economic models to evaluate break crops in a broader farming systems context. + Full description

As a collection, the papers published in this issue demonstrate how research into crop rotation and break crops has evolved in recent times. The agronomic studies are paired with modelling studies to firstly ascertain which particular ecological drivers are relevant to a region, and secondly, to evaluate strategic and tactical management questions and explore how risky particular rotation choices are made. Break crops will continue to play an important role in modern Australian farming systems.

The research identifies a key challenge for researchers - to deliver economically viable break crop and pasture choices to farmers that address the biotic stresses at hand and identify under what circumstances these break crops will have the most impact.

This special edition of the Journal will be of particular interest to research scientists, resource managers, as well as farmers, and is essential reading for anyone interested in the integration of break crops into broadacre cropping systems.

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Paperback | July 2015 | $ 75.00
ISBN: CP66/06 | 124 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing