Plant Life of Western Australia

Cover features photo of an Anigozanthos manglesii, otherwise known as red-

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A comprehensive guide to the vegetation of Western Australia drawn from a 17 year survey of the state by botanist Dr. J.S. Beard.

The first edition of Plant Life of Western Australia grew out of Dr. John Stanley's Beard's comprehensive study of Western Australian vegetation. In 1964, in collaboration with the Department of Geography at the University of Western Australia, he established a project known as the Vegetation Survey of WA which aimed at mapping the plant cover of the entire State. About 200,000km were covered by vehicle in 17 years. As a result Dr. Beard acquired an unrivaled knowledge of the landscapes and their plant cover over the whole immense area of Western Australia. + Full description

This new edition has been revised by Alex George. The book makes maximum use of colour illustration, to which the subject particularly lends itself. The author took about 2000 colour slides in the course of his extensive field work, and over 550 of the best of these feature prominently in the book.

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Hardback | November 2015 | $ 69.95
ISBN: 9781925078787 | 328 pages | 290 x 210 mm
Publisher: Rosenberg Publishing
Colour plates


Dr John Stanley Beard (1916–2011) was educated at Marlborough College, England, and gained his tertiary qualifications at Oxford. His B.A. in 1937 was at the School of Forestry, whilst the other two degrees were both for post-graduate work in tropical ecology in the West Indies. In the period 1937-47 he held forestry positions in the British Colonial Service in Trinidad and in the Windward and Leeward Islands. This was followed in 1947-61 as Estates Research Officer to the Natal Tanning and Extract Co. Ltd, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, when he worked on crop improvement in the wattle industry. His notable work in this field led to his name becoming widely known throughout the world. For the period 1961-70 he was Director, King's Park and Botanic Garden, Perth, W.A., followed by 1970-72 as Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens and National Herbarium, Sydney, N.S.W. Since 1973 he has been a private research worker, consultant and publisher, and is an Honorary Associate of the Department of Geography of the University of W.A., working on a phytogeographic survey of the State. His earlier activities include such a wide range as being a member of the Oxford University Expedition to Greenland in 1936, leading his own botanical expedition to the Guiana Plateau, Venezuela, in 1945 and doing advisory work in Japan in 1966. Dr Beard wrote many books, contributed chapters to other books and written more than 75 scientific papers.