Plant Phenotyping

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Special issue of Functional Plant Biology provides new perspectives on plant phenotyping.

This special issue of Functional Plant Biology provides a wide perspective of the current state of the art in plant phenotyping. Papers range from the tissue scale analysis through to aerial surveying of field trials. The common denominators are high throughput measurements, data rich analyses often utilizing image based data capture, requirements for validation when proxy measurement are employed and in many instances a need to fuse datasets. The output are detailed descriptions of plant form and function. + Full description

The papers represent advances in technology and important contributions to basic plant biology, and these studies are commonly multidisciplinary, involving engineers, software specialists and plant physiologists. This is a fast moving area producing large data sets and analytical requirements are often common between very diverse platforms. The proposal for this special issues arose as a result of the PhenoDays phenotyping meeting held in Freising, Germany, 28–30th October 2015, and outlines of many of these contributions were presented at this meeting.

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Paperback | February 2017 | $ 75.00
ISBN: FP44/01 | 184 pages
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