Freshwater Turtles of Australia

Hardback - August 2017 - AU $150.00

A beautifully illustrated guide to the diverse and complex freshwater turtles of Australia.

Australia is home to a diverse freshwater turtle fauna including more than 25 species and an array of side-necked turtle subspecies. The biology and ecology of Australian freshwater turtles is complex and a number of species are of particular conservation concern. Many affected species are found on Australia’s east coast, where the river systems are most heavily modified due to the pressures of development. + Full description

Freshwater Turtles of Australia is a beautifully illustrated and comprehensive update of John Cann’s highly respected Australian Freshwater Turtles (1998). It reviews new information on the biology of Australian chelid turtles, presents recent perspectives and insights into their history and taxonomy, and provides an introduction to the freshwater turtles of New Guinea and Irian Jaya to Australia’s north. This landmark work brings together years of research and experience and will serve as an important reference for researchers, academics and herpetologists for many years to come.

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Hardback | August 2017 | $150.00
ISBN: 9781486308248 | 464 pages | 235 x 305 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour photographs


  • First comprehensive monograph on the freshwater turtles of Australia since the 1998 publication of Australian Freshwater Turtles
  • Reviews the latest science on the biology of Australian chelid turtles
  • Extensively illustrated throughout with colour photographs and illustrations


Chapter 1: Australian freshwater turtles and Aboriginal culture
Chapter 2: Long-neck turtles
Chapter 3: Snapping turtles
Chapter 4: Saw-shell turtles
Chapter 5: Fitzroy River turtle
Chapter 6: Mary River turtle
Chapter 7: Short-neck turtles
Chapter 8: Western Swamp turtle
Chapter 9: Pig-nose turtle
Chapter 10: New Guinea freshwater turtles
About the authors


John Cann is a pioneer in the study of Australian turtles and is acknowledged worldwide for his achievements in the field. His lifetime fascination with these animals has resulted in works including Tortoises of Australia (1978), Australian Freshwater Turtles (1998) and Freshwater Turtles (2008).

Ross Sadlier, long-time friend and colleague of Cann, was a Collection Manager in Herpetology at the Australian Museum for 35 years prior to his retirement. During his research career he spent significant time in the field, mainly in northern and eastern Australia, and described over 70 new lizard species.