Double Helix Issue 21

Magazine - January 2018 - AU $8.50

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Find out how scientists predict bushfires and build a base camp for Mars in Issue 21.

We’re all fired up to bring you this issue of Double Helix! Join us as we discover how scientists predict bushfires. Then take a trip behind the camera as we discover science in slow motion. We’re finding out about all kinds of twisters, from cyclones to fire whirls. And journey to outer space as we build a base camp for Mars. + Full description

We’ve got plenty for you to do too. Learn how to light a campfire, and then make it all the colours of the rainbow. You can also make some delicious marshmallows to munch on!

- Short description


Magazine | January 2018 | $ 8.50
ISBN: DH03/21 | 40 pages
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour illustrations, Colour photographs