Australian Weevils Series

Australian Weevils, is an outstanding addition to the world's entomological literature. It provides, for the first time, a comprehensive account of Australian weevils, including a complete catalogue of all the recorded species annotated with information on host plants, distributions, economic importance and life histories. The volumes contain approximately 10,000 illustrations (more than 5000 in colour), together with a bibliography listing more than 3000 publications.

"This work will represent the largest-ever treatise of the most diverse group of beetles, and will be the most profusely illustrated work ever published on weevils . . . a reference work for not only coleopterists but all entomological institutions and libraries."
The Coleopterists Bulletin

" Dr Zimmerman never forgets that the study of Curculionoidea is a human activity; he writes in the manner of a cultured human being . . . such qualities are too rarely seen in major works of modern scientific specialists of any variety, and makes for unusual pleasure in reading this one."
RA Crowson, Systematic Entomology

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