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Southern hemisphere botanical ecosystems

The anatomy of the timbers of the south-west Pacific area. II. Apocynaceae and Annonaceae

HD Ingle and HE Dadswell

Australian Journal of Botany 1(1) 1 - 26
Published: 1953


The results reported cover 12 genera of the family Apocynaceae and 12 genera of the Annonaceae. The anatomical features of these genera have been summarized for each family and the results compared with published information on the representatives of the families from other parts of the world. An artificial key has been developed for the separation of groups of genera in the Apocynaceae. This separation, however, does not conform with groupings based on botanical features. Possible affinities of this family have been discussed.

In the Annonaceae separation of the genera on anatomical features has been found to be diffcult on account of the homogeneity in wood structure of the family as a whoIe.

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