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The Australian species of Nicotiana L. (Solanaceae)

NT Burbidge

Australian Journal of Botany 8(3) 342 - 380
Published: 1960


Since the publication of the comprehensive account of the genus Nicotiana by Goodspeed and his collaborators (1954), extensive collecting by the author has revealed the existence of a number of undescribed species and has resulted in the compilation of data which allow a better understanding of specific relationships between those previously known.

In this paper the morphological characters by which species can be recognized are discussed, and five new species and two new subspecies are described. Two of the new species proved to have 23 pairs of chromosomes, thus filling a gap in the series of from 16 to 24 pairs which, with the exception of 17 pairs, has now been recorded for the Australian taxa. Notes on the relationships, the more important morphological features, and the geographical distribution are provided for all previously recognized species.

© CSIRO 1960

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