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Studies on graminicolous species of Phyllachora Nke. in Fckl. V. A taxonomic monograph

DG Parbery

Australian Journal of Botany 15(2) 271 - 375
Published: 1967


This monograph describes the genus Phyllachora as it occurs on members of the Gramineae, discusses the reliability of criteria for delimiting species, and gives a taxonomic account of the Phyllachora species found on grasses.

A world-wide survey of graminicolous Phyllachora specimens has led to the conclusion that of the 278 species and varieties named in the literature, only 95 are valid species and a further 21 are doubtful species.

Of the 95 valid species, three (P. americana, P, longinaviculata, and P. microsperma) have been given new names, and five (P. bulbosa, P. koondrookensis, P. platyelliptica, P. polytocae, and P. rostellispora) are new species.

Two species complexes are discussed. The P. fallax complex includes four species which, although fairly readily separated, have several features in common and may be better delimited in future as varieties. The P. shiraiana complex includes seven bambusicolous species, few of which have been seen by the author, and the published descriptions of which are closely similar. It is possible that six of these species are synonyms of P. shiraiana s. str.

A key to graminicolous Phyllachora species and a guide to its uses are provided as well as a host index, including 135 grass genera, and an index to Phyllachora species, their synonyms, and doubtful species.

© CSIRO 1967

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