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Optical properties of leaves of some species in arid South Australia

R Sinclair and DA Thomas

Australian Journal of Botany 18(3) 261 - 273
Published: 1970


Reflection and transmission spectra were measured for the leaves of a number of species of South Australian arid zone vegetation, over the wavelength range 350- 1350 nm. Spectra were also obtained for several non-arid species for comparison. Coefficients of reflection, transmission, and absorption of solar radiation were calculated from these spectra, and also obtained from direct measurements made with a specially constructed reflecting hemisphere.

The coefficients of reflection for the arid zone species covered a wide range of values, and the group as a whole could not be clearly separated from the comparison group on the basis of reflection or absorption coeficients. Of the species in the group, Atriplex vesicaria had the highest coefficient of reflection, and also the lowest coefficient of absorption.

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