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Use of Gas Chromatograms of the Essential Leaf Oils of the Genus Eucalyptus for Taxonomic Purposes. Part II. Species of Eucalyptus series Levispermae, Curviptera subseries Orbifoliae, Caesiae, Ovulares and

Peter J. Dunlop, Caroline M. Bignell, D. Brynn Hibbert and M. I. H. Brooker

Australian Journal of Botany 46(6) 683 - 696
Published: 1998


Principal components analyses were performed on the gas chromatograms of the essential oils of many of the taxa in the botanical classifications (a) E. series Levispermae, (b) E. series Curviptera subseries Orbifoliae, (c) E. series Caesiae, (d) E. series Ovulares and (e) E. subgenus Eucalyptus; single trees were used for each taxa. The scores of the principal components of the component oils in each classification were examined to see if any correlation was revealed between the botanical classification based on morphology and the biochemical classification of components of the leaf oils.

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