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Studies on Graminicolous species, of Phyllachora Nke. in Fckl. VI. Additions and corrections to part V

DG Parbery

Australian Journal of Botany 19(2) 207 - 235
Published: 1971


The present contribution adds to a recent monograph of graminicolous species of Phyllachora and corrects some omissions and errors. Two new species, P. africana and P. oblongospora, are described, and four names previously put into synonym are reconstituted as belonging to valid species, viz. P. eximia, P. setariecola, P. sporobolica, and P. texensis. Three species names have been changed : P. acuminata to P. acutispora, P. gracilis (sensu Parbery 1967) to P. eximia, and P. bonariensis to P. setariecola. Two names have been put into different synonymy. P. caespitica is now regarded as synonymous with P. malabarensis instead of P. bambusina, and P. standleyi as P. paspalicola instead of P. punctum. A number of new hosts of Phyllachora as well as new geographic and host range extensions are recorded. Some comments are made on doubtful and excluded species as well as some general comment on the taxonomy of this genus.

© CSIRO 1971

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