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Palynology of Tertiary sediments from Papua New Guinea. I. New form genera and species from upper Tertiary sediments

AM Khan

Australian Journal of Botany 24(6) 753 - 781
Published: 1976


A palynolological investigation of Upper Tertiary sediments was carried out by analysis of core samples from Iviri No. 1 well, drilled by the Australasian Petroleum Company Pty Ltd, in the Central Delta region of Papua.

Descriptions are given of six new form genera: Ophioglossumporites (Pteridophyta), Hakeidites, Guettardidites, Canthiumidites, Planchoniidites and Malvaceidites (Angiospermae). New species described are Ophioglossumsporites novaguineensis, Gleicheniidites major, Klukisporites ivirensis, Baculatisporites papuanus, Cingulatisporites papuanus, C. ivirensis, C. psilatus, Polypodiisporites foveoirregularis, and Microfoveolatosporites psilotiformis (Pteridophyta), Hakeidites martinii, Guettardidites ivirensis, Canthiumidites reticulatus, Planchoniidites areolatoides, Malvaceidites spinosus, Dicolpopollis metroxylonoides, Diporites barrellus, Diporites papuanus, Triporopollenites ulmiformis, Proteacidites heliciformis, P, knightiiformis, P. papuanus, Malvacipollis problematicus, Malvacerumpollis papuensis, Juglanspollenites polyporus, Rhoipites antidesmiformis, Discoidites novaguineensis, Extratriporopollenites elaegniformis, Tricolpites rubioides, Tricolpites tertiarius, Polyadopollenites gigantea (Angiospermae), and Tasmanites novaguineensis (Algae).' The new combination Stenochlaenidites papuanus is proposed for a pteridophyte species.

© CSIRO 1976

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