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Kranz cells and mesophyll in the Chenopodiales

RC Carolin, SWL Jacobs and M Vesk

Australian Journal of Botany 26(5) 683 - 698
Published: 1978


Kranz anatomies found in members of the order Chenopodiales are described except those found in the family Chenopodiaceae which have been described previously. Illustrations are provided of the gross anatomy of the leaf and of the ultrastructure of the Kranz cells. The structure of the meso- phyll and the relative abundance of starch grains in mesophyll cells indicate that in some species the mesophyll may be functionally differentiated. It is suggested that these species show partial Kranz syndromes. Comments are made on the taxonomic significance of the Kranz syndrome within the order.

© CSIRO 1978

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