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Two new species of Bowenia Hook, ex Hook, f. from the Eocene of eastern Australia

RS Hill

Australian Journal of Botany 26(6) 837 - 846
Published: 1978


Two new species of Bowenia Hook. ex Hook, f. (B. papillosa Hill and B. eocenica Hill) represent the first report of this genus in the fossil record. Cuticular and architectural differences support their new specific status; however, the overall morphological similarity of the two fossil species to extant Bowenia suggests that evolution in this genus is slow. The fossil localities illustrate that in the Eocene Bowenia occurred further south than it does at present. Physiognomic analyses of the fossil dicotyle-donous leaves at the two localities indicate a warm-temperate to subtropical climate. It is therefore likely that the fossil species lived in environments similar to that of extant B. spectabilis Hook. ex Hook, f.

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