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Cytogenetics of Hybrids Among Perennial Species of Glycine Subgenus Glycine

E Putievsky and P Broue

Australian Journal of Botany 27(6) 713 - 723
Published: 1979


A cytogenetic analysis based on F1 hybrids of some of the perennial species of Glycine subgenus Glycine Verdc. shows that G. clandestina and G. canescens are closely related and further, that either one of these diploid species could have provided one genome for the tetraploid form of G. tomentella. On the other hand, it appears that G. falcata and G. tabacina are distinctive species which are not closely related to the other three species.

The tetraploid form of G. tomentella is genetically heterogeneous and crosses between certain types yield F1s with low pollen stainability which fail to set seed under conditions of self-fertilization.

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