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Root Formation by Stems of Eucalyptus botryoides Sm. In Natural Stands

CJ Lacey, AN Gillison and MI Whitecross

Australian Journal of Botany 30(2) 147 - 159
Published: 1982


The production of new shoots from dormant bud strands in eucalypt stems is a well documented and important adaptive trait of most species. The production of roots by stems of naturally occurring eucalypts and the associated adaptive significance of this phenomenon are poorly documented.

This paper reports both field and glasshouse observations on the production of roots by coppice and lignotuber stems and fallen main stems of Eucalyptus botryoides Sm. Transverse sectioning of stems at sites of root initiation showed that the area immediately surrounding the root was comprised of aerenchyma tissue.

The production of new shoots and roots by the various types of E. botryoides stems constitutes a mode of vegetative reproduction that may be vital for the persistence of this species in the harsher parts of its environmental range.

A summary is provided of the taxonomic groupings of all eucalypts that have produced roots from stems under a range of field environments.

© CSIRO 1982

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