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Australian C4 Grasses (Poaceae) - Leaf Blade Anatomical Features in Relation to C-4 Acid Decarboxylation Types

HDV Prendergast and PW Hattersley

Australian Journal of Botany 35(4) 355 - 382
Published: 1987


Using fresh, preserved and herbarium material we have examined the leaf blade anatomy of the Australian C4 grass flora (Poaceae) in relation to C4 acid decarboxylation type (NADP-malic enzyme, NADP-ME; NAD-malic enzyme, NAD-ME; phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase, PCK). Our survey included almost all species of the subfamilies Arundinoideae and Chloridoideae and of the panicoid genus Panicum. We sampled all genera for the Panicoideae but for many only representative species were examined. Our data are cross-referenced with available anatomical and biochemical data on C4 types, in particular with our own, which show a number of somewhat taxonomically predictable exceptions to established anatomical/biochemical correlations. We briefly consider C4 types in relation to geographical distribution, pointing out that NAD-ME type species are poorly represented in agronomical research on the arid and semiarid zone, where many of these occur.

© CSIRO 1987

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